Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Πες μου πως θα μπορέσω να σε ξεχάσω - Νίκος Γούναρης

Tango habanera του 1946 σε μουσική Νίκου Γούναρη και στίχους Κώστα Κοφινιώτη. Η παρτιτούρα γράφει: "Χαρισμένο στην παρέα της Φυσούνας Παπανικολάου Α. Σωτηράκο και στην 3.24-3.24, Γούναρης"

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  1. Gary in Los AngelesAugust 17, 2010 at 7:12 AM

    In this year 1946 when I was born in Gary Indiana my YaYa Giagia Anastasia from Constantinople sang this beautiful sweet Gounaris song for me all the time wherever we went together as she drove visiting her friends often and creating such beauty and love albeit through her great sadness of just losing her kind young husband John my grandpa Pappoo. This fine song is really such a lifelong favorite!!! Thankyou so much POSI for your beautiful Greek Songs website!!! Poly Agapi!!! Gary